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All of My Golden Heart and Silver Soul Chapter 11
    Silver stared at the stars and the moon through the gaping hole in the tower. His feet dangled in the crater that he sat on the edge of. Crocanaw sat next him cradling the tan egg, which continually shivered. The cold night wind whipped his flaming hair into his face. It was silent. He was alone. He felt torn between loving the solitude from the moronic world or hating how it brought back all of his memories.
    And then the silence broke, from the faintest of footsteps.
    "Silver?" Oh please no.
    Silver glanced back, only to see a shadowed silhouette. Of course he didn't have to see them to know who it was. The voice had told him enough. There was also the fact that the Quilava by the silhouettes feet was continually staring daggers at him. "Friggin pigtails, what the hell." Silver grabbed a pokéball from his belt and slowly stood up. "Well come on, don't make this a complete waste of my time."
:icononefairygirl:OneFairyGirl 1 6
Cold Warmth
  “This is all your fault.”
  Bright hazel eyes widened in disbelief. Quickly she gawked at the boy beside her. “My fault?!” Kotone screamed instinctively; her voice echoed hollowly inside the cave.
  With teeth roughly grinding against one another, Silver slapped his ears shut and stared at the heavily pouring rain. “Yes your fault,” he spat bluntly, ignoring the rage that slowly built up inside the petite girl.
  “Well excuuuuse me!” He heard her speak – or rather, squeak. “But who was the one who forced a battle when he clearly knew that a heavy rainstorm was coming soon?” Cheek puffed like little balloons, Kotone jabbed a finger at his arms. “It’s you!”
  “Don’t touch me.” He swatted her hand away; his act once again earned him a good blank stare of shock and disbelief. The redhead scoffed bitterly and looked away. True, it was mostly his fault for p
:iconfieryfafar:FieryFafar 33 28
Bang Bang Bang: ScourgeXAmy
I didn't know what really went through my mind that day. Loving Sonic was all I knew. Seeing him with Sally soooo much hurt my heart. I'm glad Mina was there to help me. She told me to sing a song. I went and found the perfect one.
Amy:What if I mess up? What will I do?!
Mina:*knocks on door* Amy, you ready?
Amy: Yeah.*walks out to stage* All my life you know I haven't been very love strong
there's been so many fights that I fought and I never won
So I decided that I should just give up in trying to right your wrong
And word on the street is she did to you what you did to me.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Boy!
Your Goin' Down, down, down, Boy
To the ground where you left my heart to bleed
Bang! she shot you.
Karma Tastes so sweet.
So Unfortunately for girls like me there are more like you
bending and breaking the rules we make exceptions to..
But How does it feel!
To swim in your own tears!
You Lied and you lied
And I died and I died
And now you know why..
:iconmanicxamyfan:manicXamyfan 17 94


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